Fall Forward: 3 Ways to Get Your Content Back to Work

Happy New Year! Wait, what?

Well actually it's not the New Year yet if you go strictly by the calendar. But Labor Day marks the traditional end of summer and a kick off to new beginnings. Back to school for some and a resumption of regular work schedules for others. It's a time for getting back up to speed, refocusing your energy, and taking on new projects.

One of the things on your list should be a plan to gear up your content for the active fall months. It's going to be pretty much non stop action from now until the holidays, so take advantage by getting in front of prospects and customers to build your business.

Here are three ideas to consider when putting together your fall content program.

1. Create a case study

More than eight out of 10 marketers use case studies as part of their content marketing plan - second only to social media. Almost 7 out of 10 say case studies are their most effective tactic behind in-person events and webinars.[1])

Clearly case studies still work because they tell a story that has relevance to your prospects and offers real-world proof of concept. Plus it's a testimonial from an actual customer.

Unfortunately it's often difficult to get a customer to agree to putting their name out there endorsing your product or service regardless of how satisfied they may be. But if you contact enough of your customers, you'll likely get one to sign up. And for those who won't, you'll at least have touched base with some of your best customers, always a good thing.

2.  Publish an eBook

This is a great way to get your content program jump started. A simple way to make it happen is to go back and review your blog posts for the last year and select the ones that revolve around a similar theme. Craft a beginning, transitions to weave them together, and a summary to hammer home the message, add some spiffy graphics and viola! - you have a compelling 8 or 12 page eBook.

Compiling an eBook to repurpose some of your best content is another great way to get in front of prospects and customers.

3. Create a white paper

Although more gets done in the summer than ever before, business certainly is running in a lower gear. With the speed of innovation and change, however, nothing stands still for two or three months. Regardless of your industry, there is likely some new trend, product, or idea that is of interest to your customers and prospects.

Canvas your subject matter experts, sales reps, or front line customer service reps to see what's percolating in the industry. Gather some additional research and ask senior leaders in your company for their point of view.

Getting out in front of hot topics will better position you as a thought leader and send a message that you are on top of current issues in your industry. Building a reputation as forward thinking is one of the best ways to grow your credibility and attract new prospects.

While it's not quite time for champagne and noise makers, it's definitely a time for new starts. Take advantage and get your messaging out there.

What are you planning on doing for content this fall? What have you done in the past that's been successful?


[1] 2016 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends, Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs